electric radiant infrared heat replacement panel element

RPL-527 CeramiCircuit™ Replacement Panel Element

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The RPL-527 replacement panel is for BASEBOARDS

* If replacing a Glass Panel element be sure to select Replacement Kit for GLASS PANELS by choosing "yes" in the options menu! *   

The replacement kit for glass panels is pictured below and consists of multiple silicon spacers designed to accommodate the difference in thickness and rigidity from the original glass panel to the newer ceramic coated steel CeramiCircuit™ panels.

silicon spacer silicon spacer silicon spacer silicon spacer


Radiant Electric Heat panels are compatible with the following manufacturers' products:

  • API
  • Berko
  • Continental Radiant
  • Electroglass
  • Glassheat
  • Infra Red Circuits
  • Lincoln Electric
  • Zell-aire

If you need replacement panels for a radiant electric heater made by one of the above companies (some of which are no longer in business), we have most replacement elements in stock.

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