electric radiant infrared heat portable unit
electric radiant infrared heat portable unit
electric radiant infrared heat portable unit
electric radiant infrared heat portable unit

1624P CeramiCircuit™ Portable Unit

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Completely solid-state. Remains cool to the touch after hours of use.

Heating element does not glow during operation.

Stainless Steel Construction

High Efficiency Ceramic Infrared Panel

The CeramiCircuit™ Portable (1624P) heater provides rapid response comfort, reaching full heating output in 5 - 7 minutes. The stainless steel construction assures long service life as well as a non-allergenic alternative for the chemically sensitive individual. Odors associated with other heating sources are thing of the past thanks to the low temperature at which the heating element operates. This eliminates the “fried dust syndrome” of airborne contaminates burning on red-hot heating elements, which is so common with other heaters operating at higher temperatures. The built-in thermostat provides reliable temperature control for your comfort. Internal tip-over switch shuts the heater off if it should be knocked over. Eight foot grounded power cord and optional wheels for Portable units. Intended for indoor use only.


Radiant Electric Heat’s Model 1624SS Portable Heater, made of stainless steel construction, is DME-cited (Durable Medical Equipment) and product approved.

Many people with extreme chemical or environmental sensitivities or deficiencies find it impossible to use any other form of heater besides the radiant variety. For more information: http://www.electricheat.com/OurProducts/PortableHeaters.aspx


Room by room zone control means economical comfort only where you need it.

Placing the portable heater between the window/exterior wall and the occupant creates a barrier against the loss of body heat to the coldest surfaces in the room.

The room and all objects in it are gently saturated with infrared energy, just as if they were left in the sun on a warm day. Because heat seeks cold, all objects absorb, re-radiate and reflect the heat in all directions, meaning that comfort comes from every direction.Infrared heating energy heats people not space. Find comfort at lower air temperatures, not unlike an early spring day.

Low heater temperature operation. Typically < 400° F. on the element.

Allergy free and sinus friendly.

No pipes, no ducts, no furnace, no chimneys, no maintenance,no visible glow when in operation.

Installed by your electrician.


There is a 25% of actual retail cost (not sale price), plus shipping, for restock and refurbishing of returned, exchanged, or refunded units.

Model                 Dimensions               Watts       BTUs     Ship Wt.

1624P               26.5”W x 27”H x 4.0”D                 1000        3414        37 lbs.

120 volt/8.3 amps      Wheels Optional


Brochure link: http://www.electricheat.com/Portals/0/REH_portable.pdf


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