electric radiant infrared heat baseboard unit
electric radiant infrared heat baseboard unit
electric radiant infrared heat baseboard unit

545 CeramiCircuit™ Baseboard Unit

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Bedrooms -  Basements -  Living Rooms -  Offices & Garages - New Construction -  Commercial Spaces  - Remodeling Projects -  Apartments or Condos

Installs as simply as a lighting fixture! Completely solid-state.

Room by room zone control means economical comfort only where you need it.

The CeramiCircuit™ baseboard mount heater provides rapid response comfort in 5 - 7 minutes. Do not confuse this infrared radiant panel with the more common convective baseboard heater. It is genuinely a radiant heater, and may be the only permanently mounted electric radiant baseboard available in the marketplace. Each heater includes a built-in thermal override switch to prevent overheating in the event the heater becomes blocked while in operation. Best placed under exterior windows for optimum performance. Available in bone/almond powder coat finish only. Alternative colors only available in bulk purchases. Requires external control. Intended for indoor use only.

Internal temperature limit switch prevents overheating.

Infrared heating energy heats people not space. Find comfort at lower air temperatures, not unlike an early spring day.

Low heater temperature operation. Typically < 400° F. on the element.

Allergy free and sinus friendly.

No pipes, no ducts, no furnace, no chimneys, no maintenance, no visible glow when in operation.

Installed by your electrician.

Five year pro-rated warranty.

There is a 25% of actual retail cost (not sale price), plus shipping, for restock and refurbishing of returned, exchanged, or refunded units.

Heater Element Is Angled Upward To Direct Maximum Heat Energy Toward Center Of Occupancy.  Baseboard Heaters May Be Mounted Above Baseboard Trim If So Desired.  Minimum Finished Clearance Must Be 0.75".

Model   Dimensions                       Watts   BTUs    Ship Wt.

545        48”W x 6.75”H x 3.125”D               650       2217     22 lbs.

240 volt/2.7 amps 208 volt/3.2 amps 120 volt/5.4 amps 277 volt/2.3 amps

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